Johnny Japanese Singer

Japanese Singer-Songwriter with Original & Cover Tagalog, English & Japanese/Anime songs

He is a singer-songwriter from Tokyo, and a frequent performer in big concert halls throughout Japan, Philippines and other countries.

He was invited as a guest singer to a Japanese event “Cosmania” which was attended by 30,000 participants in Mall of Asia in 2019.

His high-toned voice and songwriting skills are highly acclaimed by experts.

Can sing
・SLAMDUNK song, Japanese songs
・Buwan, Tagalog songs
・Tagalog songs Japanese ver. (Ikaw at Ako, Di Na Muli etc.)
・English songs (Maroon5, Ed Sheeran, John Legend, Bruno Mars, etc.)



He attend Archcon in Cebu as a guest singer and a judge of a singing contest

SLAMDUNK song – 君が好きだと叫びたい

Perfect ver. is from here →

Introduction as a judge

He was invited to perform as a guest singer in Mall of Asia. This event was attended by more than 30,000 participants.


Original Song/オリジナル曲
After gig/ライブ後

I was glad many new fans were coming to me to take a picture together after my gig. Filipino audience is amazing. They got to like my original song. This



Buwan – Tagalog ver.
Di Na Muli – Japanese Original ver.
Ikaw at Ako – Japanese Special ver.
Original Japanese song “no money”
Japanese song cover – あの鐘を鳴らすのはあなた


Charity Project in Vigan on TV news
Philippines Charity Tour by Johnny’s organization

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