My Story

【My Project】
I’m Jonny Fukuhara, a representative of a community service called “IFP” in Japan.
IFP holds an international conference every week, more than 100 participants attend it.

I am often coming to Manila to make a Japanese language school

“Students can study Japanese for free and work in Japan”
is our plan

We wanna provide better jobs for Filipino in Japan because Filipino salary is terrible
We try to make our school fee free

I wanna help Filipino because I was helped by Philippines on my mind before
(I wrote the details below)

We wanna provide jobs in Japan,
As Factory workers, Care workers, nurses, maids and IT engineers

●Our wants
1)We wanna borrow a room in an university to run Japanese class.
Of course we pay for it monthly.
We will prepare teachers, curriculum and students by ourselves.

2)We wanna give our class for students who has Bachelor’s Degree of Care workers, nurse or IT.
We give our class for free to all students.
If they don’t have any degree, we can give our class for free too.

【My Motto】
・To make an encounter which makes your life
・To provide good works for Filipino


【My Story】
I am absolutely different from normal Japanese
Japanese are polite and professional but mostly closed minded and not receptive
I exhausted and got depressed by Japanese relationships
I was bothered so much
I even wanted to be died a little bit
I traveled to Philippines alone to find my hints to live

I got on the bus from Banaue to Vigan
I encountered a kid on the bus
His name is Dagul

I got along with him, making a strange face and playing some games
He got to like me
He introduced me to his parents
His parents said to me “Thank you for caring my son, Don’t you wanna stay our house?”
I stayed at their house in the village for some days

There are many people if I get up
Many kids come if I go out of home
I play basketball with boys if I go to basketball court
I play Karaoke with so many people if there is someone’s birthday

(There are few kids outside in Japan and we normaly can’t play with them for security)

There are so open and strong relationships
I like it so much

On the last day
I presented a basketball to Dagul
I was so impressed by his reaction

What reaction do you think he took?

He put the ball into plastic bag and dribbled it
He really wanted to use it but didn’t want to get it dirty eternally

His reaction was beyond my imagination

I touched the love

I got on a bus to Manila

I cried on the bus
I hardly cry so I was surprised

I got closer to what my happiness is

I really appreciate Philippines so I made an organization of community service called IFP in Japan to make a fund.

The fund is used for scholarship of DMMMS university in Philippines. It’s donation.

↑Giving scholarship ceremony in DMMMS university


But If once we give donation. It becomes as usual.
We got to know Donation can’t help someone sustainably.

To provide a good work is best help for someone’s life.

Filipino salary is really terrible
Japanese work can give 7 or 8 times more than Filipino salary
It can help not just someone’s life, but also his or her family and even relatives.

So now I focus on making a Japanese language school and provide good works for Filipino.

【Other projects】
・Philippines Volunteer tour by Japanese youth

・Giving toys for Filipino kids

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